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Wow, it's been over 10 years that I've been carving (and taking pictures of) "exotic" jack-o-lanterns. Back then, hardly anyone had seen anything like this (I had stumbled across an early Pumpkinmasters kit in a store), and it was fun to stand out. At that time, my oldest was barely 3, and I had a newborn at home. How time has flown! This year all the carving credit goes to Will, my 10 year old (who wasn't even born when I started this family tradition). He gutted all three pumpkins by himself, and stenciled and carved Jigsaw without so much as a single assisted cut. Quite impressive! Needless to say the rest of the work fell on dear old dad. We've had a busy fall in our household, most notably renovating much of the house. For a creative (some say twisted) mind, this presented an opportunity (no garage doors) that I hope you'll appreciate in the pictures below (My inspiration came from an Instructable from Valster). Happy Halloween. -

A simple, boring jack-o-lantern...

... or is it?!?!? ...

... It's Jack-O-Lantern House!!!!


Eye of newt (or the whole newt)

All 3

We've been undergoing a home renovation the past few months, so the pumpkins have joined in the "fun"

I'm not really sure that this guy needs a hardhat

The view of the front door

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