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Only a few more days!!! This page is a work in progress. In past years, I've done my photo's with a traditional SLR on Halloween night, and had the website up a few days later. This year I'm using a new digital camera (Canon G2), so I'm able to get much quicker turnaround time.

On Halloween afternoon I went into two of my children's classroom's to carve pumpkins. Both the 5th graders and 3rd graders had a great time. The kids helped gut the pumpkins, and browsed this website on the classroom computer. They had fun looking at old carvings, and especially enjoyed playing the music on each page (Ghostbusters is a favorite!).

I'm still culling through the pictures I've taken, so this page is likely to change over the next several days. (For now, I'm also a bit light on the commentary). Happy Halloween. -

Pumpkin Snowman

Mummy (w/ a White Pumpkin)


3 patterns in 1 (all from )

This pumpkin was born to be a Jack-O-Lantern!

A goofy dinosaur

We ran out of pumpkins, and each of my 3 kids wanted their own pattern.
I know, these don't exactly go together, but what's a parent to do? :-).

Alison's choice...

... Doug ...

... William

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