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For this year's Halloween, With the urging of fellow pumpkin carver Brad Miller, I decided to make 3 tone pumpkins.  These differ from the "traditional" PumpkinMasters style, in that not only do you carve out complete sections of pumpkin, but in some locations you just scrape away the outer skin.  This has two major advantages: You have 3 tones to work with, instead of two, allowing more detail.  And second, you don't have to worry as much about disconnected sections of pumpkin that will fall off or soon shrivel up.  The downside?  It's quite a bit of work to succesfully scrape away the skin.  Once again, we bought our pumpkins at the Wilkens Farm pumpkin patch.  Also, I have to thank my ISP, Cyburban Link, who put me on a complimentary commercial server during this holiday season, which kept us up and running without problem! Happy Halloween!!! -

Everyone in the family (except me) got to choose a pattern for this years pumpkins.

My daughter chose this Witch Pattern

My older son chose Edvard Munch's "The Scream". (I made the pumpkin freehand... the pattern is pretty simple!)

Pretty scary!!!

My wife picked someone answering the door at a haunted castle

We carved a patriotic pumpkin from PumpkinMasters Lanterns Of Liberty series for both my daughter's 4th grade class with Ms. Korn, and my son's 2nd grade class with Ms. Malcolm.  In fact, I went into the classroom this year to carve it with the kids.

My littlest boy chose Sponge Bob Square Pants. To get the pattern, cut and paste the following link into your browser: http://carvingpumpkins.com/cgi-bin/pattern.cgi?pattern=spongebob&dir=kids

Another view of William's pumpkin

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