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Halloween 2000 was a big success.  Things started off well when we turned out to be the very first people of the 2000 season in the Wilkens Farm pumpkin patch.  With so many great pumpkins to choose from, we came back with three beauties, including one that weighed in at over 40 lbs! We now has almost a month to wait until the big night, hoping the pumpkins stayed in good shape.  I picked Sunday night before Halloween to carve my pumpkins, two days prior to the big night.  After a few hours of work, we were very happy with our results.  Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly.  However, instead of putting the carved pumpkins outside, where bugs and deer might get to them, we decided to leave them inside the house.  Big Mistake!  The next day my wife discovered some shriveled pumpkins with caved in faces!! :(   Apparently I left them too close to the radiator.  To make matters worse, I didn't even have any photos of them.  Fortunately I remembered that soaking the pumpkins in water could help revive wilted carvings.  So, I filled up a bathtub, and left them submerged for a few hours.  Would it work!??!  See for yourself.  Once again, special thanks to my ISP, Cyburban Link, who put me on a complimentary commercial server during this holiday season, which kept us up and running without problem! Happy Halloween!!! -

We decided to go with quality over quantity this year.  With three kids under 8, we had to have a Harry Potter pumpkin.  In addition, PumpkinMasters free pattern was perfect for the 40 lb pumpkin we found this year.  And finally we needed a neo-traditional scary face.

The pumpkin carving team, Cleopatra & Dad

We had a headless dummy (with blinking eyes) out to great the trick-or-treaters

This is my second attempt at creating my own template (I made one of a NY Yankee logo last year).  I used a program called "Me on A Pumpkin" .  I seem to have had better luck with artwork and drawings than with actual photos.

Pretty scary!!!

It's not clear from this photo, but this was a HUGE pumpkin

A close-up of a pumpkin within a pumpkin!

Trick or Treat!

A ghost

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire...

... and the template I made to carve it...

... and the finished product!!!

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