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I carved two pumpkins a week before Halloween, but they didn't fair too well, drying up after only a few days. Luckily, that was long enough for my daughter to bring one in to school, so all was not lost. However, not wanting to "jump the gun" again, and possibly being left with a collection of shriveled gourds, I decided to wait until the weekend to carve the remaining six (I felt had to replace the original two!). When we were hit with a wonderful Indian Summer weekend, I was briefly distracted by a trip to the golf course Sunday morning (and you all thought that jack-o-lanterns were my #1 priority!) That left a few hours to carve six pumpkins (with three children under 7 running around!) My wife came to the rescue by bringing all 3 to a Halloween party for a few hours, buying me some precious time. However, it still wasn't enough. This called for reinforcements! My eldest child, who had observed my carvings the past few years, felt that she was up to the challenge of carving her own pumpkin. How could I refuse? I turned over Yankee logo #2, and Kitty (her choice) for her to carve. After a few minutes of instruction, she was off. She handled the interlocking NY without any problem, and was ready for aother. Halfway through the second pumpkin, her friend from next door came over, and they began worked on it together. I think you'll agree with me that they truly did a great job!! I'm one proud dad. (Would you believe that an informal survey Halloween night showed her two pumpkins as the most popular!?!) Well, enough rambling. Once again, I had alot of fun carving the pumpkins, and putting together this web page. This site received over 60,000 unique page loads during the 3 days before Halloween, smashing (so to speak) last year's numbers. Special thanks to my ISP, Cyburban Link, who put me on a complimentary commercial server during this holiday season, which kept us up and running without problem! -

Here's a pumpkin I carved with my daughter for Ms. Malcolm's 2nd grade class at Westorchard Elementary School!

Go Yankees!!! I created the templates myself.

With a hat & broom this witch is ready to fly away

I made it (with the help of my daughter and her friend). Six pumpkins in an afternoon.

My six year old daughter and her friend carved this one!

This pattern is from a new-comer on the pattern scene, Exacto.

A half rotten pumpkin (the bottom), and an innovative book, inspired this one

The Jimmy Durante of pumpkins

This one has some really interesting detail

The Grim Reaper & Tombstone

Whooooo goes there

The two master carvers :)

As the trick-or-treaters saw it

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